Tree Dismantling

Dismantling is a climbing procedure, where an Arborist takes a tree to pieces and lowers the timber to the ground using ropes and rigging equipment.

 Dismantling is required when a tree is too large to fell or is surrounded by obstacles such as houses, sheds, public areas, fences, hedgerows, other trees etc.

Dismantling is a highly skilled and potentially dangerous operation and should only be carried out by a highly competent and experienced Arborist.

Very often space is limited and the tree must be taken down piece by piece but if space and safety permit, a tree can be felled in one piece. If the area below the tree is clear and free from obstructions, cut branches can simply be allowed to fall. When branches are too large or heavy for the climber to hold and throw clear or obstructions prevent their 'free falling', then lowering ropes will be used.

We can safely dismantle any tree to ground level. We have years of experience of working with all sorts of trees and sites, including removing very large trees from very restricted sites.